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[Eng.] Mini guide – where to buy Portuguese knives in Lisbon

Trips abroad are the best opportunity to buy local products which aren’t available anywhere else. The same can be said for knives. Many can be bought only in private workshops or small fishing shops. However, the problem lies in finding those places in a completely unknown city, especially when you don’t often speak the local language or really know what brand to look for. While planning my holiday in Lisbon, I set myself to find such a shop and expand my collection by adding at least one knife made in Portugal. Though Portuguese knife market is small, it’s far more prosperous than Polish. During the internet reconnaissance several producers names came up and I stumbled upon a few others on the trip itself: MAM (already reviewed on the website in Polish), ICEL, IVO, SICO, CIOL, PIRES, and MARTINS. The search for shops where they would be available wasn’t so successful. I found only one reference to knife-purchase opportunities in Lisbon on, which appeared to be out-of-date. “LaCoutada”, a shop it mentions, welcomed me with an empty, dusty shopping window suggesting that the shop had been long closed down. This discovery forced me to combine knife-hunting with exploring the city. At the end of my stay in Lisbon I decided to prepare a mini guide which would save you a lot of time while searching for knifes there. All of the shops mentioned below are located in the close proximity to the must-see city landmarks, so if you decide to visit the capital of Portugal with sightseeing in mind, will walk right past them. Czytaj dalej [Eng.] Mini guide – where to buy Portuguese knives in Lisbon